NEST O’ MATIC Automatic nests for breeders and layers

Nestomatic systems are installed and used in Israel, North America, South Africa and South America. Thanks to MGH nesting systems, millions of eggs reach our customers cleaner and faster every day. MGH sets the standard for automated nesting systems around the globe.

10 years ago,
MGH conceived the innovative idea
of Nestomatic slat-less nest.

NEST O’ MATIC is a slat-less friendly community nest. It ensures that the hens have plenty of room to move around and benefit from optimal conditions that lead to increased fertility and hatchability. Nestomatic also offers a unique development of adjustable height. The winching system enables adjusting the nest height according to each period. At the beginning of the laying, the training period, we lower the nest down to the floor, to attract the hens to the nest and prevent them from laying under the nest. When the training period ends, the nests are lifted up easily and quickly and are stabilized on a higher position. The eggs are collected automatically on both heights by using the system conveyor.

Nestomatic advantages

Plan and design

Improved ventilation

Easily accessed nests

Bird training

Easier clean-out between flocks


Product Photos