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The nesting modules division

Nesting systems form our core business. We are guided by a philosophy focused on the chicken and Turkeys being natural creatures led by natural instincts. The biggest challenge is allowing animals to thrive in industrialized poultry farms equipped with state-of-the-art technologies. This thinking runs through every step of our work, from the design of the nesting modules, through the implementation of technology, to “educating” the chicken and the Turkeys on the use of the nesting modules.

We believe this understanding is essential for professional excellence.

We are proud to lead the Turkey reproduction industry since 1988 when MGH pioneered the industry with the nesting modules. Since then, over half a million nesting modules serve our customers to their utmost satisfaction. A decade ago, we introduced another breakthrough of a “green” nesting module, Nestomatic, that combines ease of operation with significant improvement of growing and nesting conditions for the birds. The excellent professional results provide the best evidence of the successful design.