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MGH Technologies Ltd. is a prime provider of innovative solutions for the poultry and egg industry with 25-years of local and global experience.

We offer solutions in three categories:

  • Nesting systems – We are proud to lead the Turkey reproduction industry since 1988 when MGH pioneered the industry with the nesting systems. Since then, over half a million nesting systems serve our customers to their utmost satisfaction. A decade ago, we introduced another breakthrough of “green” nesting systems for broilers, breeding & free-range egg. That system combines ease of operation with significant improvement of farming and nesting conditions for the birds. The excellent professional results provide the best evidence of the successful design.
  • Infrastructure – MGH  designs and builds turnkey broiler husbandry farms, as well as upgrades existing facilities, which is a complicated challenge that requires expertise. Regardless of the project, we implement proprietary systems and methods to ensure effortless operation and professional success.
  • Research and development – MGH see great potential in R&D. For this reason, we invested massive resources in the past three years in developing and manufacturing a new product line that will assist the breeders in their ongoing work.

We stand out in the industry thanks to a management team that features a wealth of professional and technical know-how.

Ofer Ronen is an expert on Turkey reproduction.

Shlomi Baranes has extensive and diversified technical experience. He is an expert on broiler and poultry reproduction.

Arieh Hacham is our electronics and control systems professional

Asaf Macabi is an expert in mechanical engineering with specific specialization in plastics.

Together with our devoted employees, our management team is proud to provide a pipeline of trailblazing solutions for all segments of the poultry industry.